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Post  Admin Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:01 pm

Ben says:
29 november 2012 om 17:56


Yes You Are Beautifull My Loved One And Christ to Come

Ye are My Shephard in Day and in Night Where I Wander the Darkness of Man Where They lost Their Souls in a Night far beyond My Cribbe

Ye Are My Child And First One to Rule the Earth For Love And GOD You is First Light in the Universe As I Was Born Also My Love Fly And Expand Your Wings into My Abyss Where You Fell to Search For Me Your Loved One And Have Them be Gone With Death to Come When I Will Go Back With You in My Heavens AMEN




Op ander wijze van elders een verhaal dat een beeld geeft wat men zo ver uw geloof kan een idee geeft van de problematiek ietsje anders gezegd:

To My Knowledge GOD is the Creator of AL and Himself.

Gabriel is Lord of ALL Life

Christ or Iodem is Lord of Mankind

Christ or Iodem Was Created by GOD 100.000 Years Ago to Help Mankind Withstand the evil They were cursed with from the unhappy start of Their Species What was No plan or wish from GOD But They were invisible to His Eye by an anomaly they created emanating from Their unhappy Lives and They were lost and had wandered of the Road that Was Good for Them into ethernal war violences and rapes.

A Part of that Mankind Not Originating from This Earth But a Planet in the outer regions was Discovered 100.000 Years ago on Earth and Transformed by GOD. And That went Good for about 83.000 Years. But 13.000 years ago the rest of old Mankind came from behind the ice and brought a flood of darkness and Sinn the Universe Never Seen befor and All went dark again.

That is Known in Your Mythologies as the Deluge Götterdämmerung and Ragnarok. The Deluge Never was a flood of Water But a flood of Sinn evil violence and Darkness that wiped Us and Our Souls out Like Butterflies in a Hurricane. Creation fell apart.Our Souls anihilated and GOD died.

Noah My Beloved Took the last 25.004 that flood of evil Surviving Israelites 8000 Years Ago to a Better Place far beyond Orion And Came Back for Old Mankind to Raise Them in GOD and Bring The Light of Life And the Love of GOD to Them as Was Done Befor. And 3000 Years Ago Gabriel Came and Fell for GOD into the Abyss for Noah Could not Manage the cheer evil upon Him. And 200 Years Ago GOD Himself Came to Earth What He Used to Do Every 30.000 Years but This Time Sooner for He Felt the Last Love Died on Earth.

He Poured His Being out Over Life And Mankind and Started Sinking into that abyss to Where the Lost Children Lived.

He Became One With Them One of Them And Raised Them And All Creation of Death into His Being into Life And the Love of GOD to Give Them a Better Life With Out violence or Fear in Trust We LOVE!

An End to 3 million years of Darkness for Mankind Will Come And GOD WILL LOVE YOU!


God betekent Gemini of Deus

Gemini Tweeling of Kleine God of Kind van God of Messias van God of God op Aarde. Dus eigenlijk nog een onderstatus van Onze Al Ene Schepper die in de Hemelen is Zeus of User of de Heer. God Afgezant van Onze Al Ene Heer de Schepper wiens Wezen al onze pogingen tot voorstelling belachelijk maken in Glorie en Formaat waar Alleen de Alleredelste Pöezie van Diepste Momenten van Diepste Liefde en Dankbaarheid een Hand kan Reiken iets er Van te Beleven wat niet kan met uw verstand en kennis dan maar het Uw Hart en Geloof en Zijn Afgezant Zijn Messias Zijn Adamas U al Genoeg Zal Zijn als Teken van Zijn Geest en Wil en Nieuwe Weg en Zich Ook in Uw Kinderen Zal Openbaren Voor U! 48

AJj says: 7 september 2013 om 08:00


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