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Holocaust and slavery

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Holocaust and slavery Empty Holocaust and slavery

Post  Admin Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:38 am

Sudeten-German Inferno: the little-known tragedy of the Sudeten Germans

Ingomar Pust. This book sheds light on the deeply shocking tragedy of what happened to the Sudeten Germans, an ethnic minority in Czechoslovakia, after the end of World War Two. Following a concise introduction to the history of German-Czech relations, it describes the genocide committed by the Czechs on the Sudeten Germans after 1945. The horror of this sadistic danse macabre that took place in Czechoslovakia in full view of an uncaring world can perhaps never be conveyed in its full extent. [826 Kb]

Original edition:
Schreie aus der Hölle ungehört. Das totgeschwiegene Drama der Sudetendeutschen.
Sersheim: Hartmann-Verlag, 1998.


Why 7000 Children Had to Die: The Cruel Fate of German Refugees in Denmark. Article from the Hamburger Abendblatt. So much for the Danish claims that German civilian refugees at the war's end were treated decently! [6 Kb]


The Marshall-Plan Hoax: Marshall Plan vs. Robbery, Murder and Destruction? An Eternal Mockery of the German People! Karl Baßler. "The Marshall Plan was the American occupiers' noble and generous gesture to their defeated WW2 enemy, providing massive financial and material aid to help economic recovery. The Germans owe their American supporters a debt of eternal gratitude." So the story goes to this very day... but reality looked rather different! In this article, an academically accredited economist sheds an entirely new light on this financial-political affair which turns out to have been nothing more than grand-scale theft and destruction in humanitarian disguise! [46 Kb]


Holocaust at Dresden. George Fowler. A half century has passed since February 13-14, 1945. Overnight, one of Europe's great meccas of art and culture, a city that had become a hospital center for German, American and British wounded that housed many thousand Allied prisoners of war, and that had become a haven to refugees fleeing the Red Army, was bombed into oblivion. But the perpetrators of one of history's great outrages were to receive the laurels of glorious victory rather than a place in the war crimes dock. [174 Kb]


Hidden Historical Fact: The Allied Attempt to Starve Germany in 1919. Fred Blahut. If one word could describe Germany during the immediate aftermath of World War I, it would be "starvation." Even after an armistice ended World War I, some 900,000 German men, women and children were starving to death - a tragedy deliberately caused by the continuation of a wartime British naval blockade for eight months after the end of the war! [56 Kb]


The Great Patents Heist. John Nugent. One of the greatest ripoffs of all time was the theft of German patents after World War II. From saccharin and aspirin to refrigeration, radio and space flight technology, the victorious Allies ensured their post-War scientific lead and prosperity by simply stealing German inventions - literally thousands of tons of patents. As one gloating Washington bureaucrat put it, it was "the first orderly exploitation of an entire country's brain power." [93 Kb]


Death in Poland: the Fate of the Ethnic Germans. Edwin Erich Dwinger. The expulsion and mass murder of the ethnic Germans before and at the start of World War Two in Poland was by no means restricted to the Bloody Sunday of Bromberg, a massacre that is all too often downplayed or even denied outright today. This book, dating from 1940 and published here for the first time in English to commemorate the 65th anniversary of these events in September 2004, lets the reader experience almost first-hand the terrible fate of tens of thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland in September 1939. A shameful blot on the pages of Polish history, for all Polish post-War generations to bear for all time! [440 Kb - or 854 Kb with the detailed photos]


What the World Rejected: Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1939. Dr. Friedrich Stieve. As early as 1933 (and to this very day) Germany's enemies have maintained that Adolf Hitler was the greatest disturber of peace known to history. But Hitler's repeated attempts to induce the governments of other states to collaborate with him in a reconstruction of Europe are an ever-recurring pattern in his conduct. These attempts were wrecked every time because nowhere was there any willingness to give them due consideration. This synopsis from 1940 gives a brief overview of Hitler's various peace plans from the early days of the Third Reich until after WW2 had already broken out - and it also shows how these efforts at preserving peace were thwarted by those who... simply did not want peace. [44 Kb]


"Protecting America" by Aiding Persecution of Scientist who is "Fugitive Alien"
Bush Adminstration Press Release on Germar Rudolf

Here is the official US government crowing over the deportation of former Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf back to Germany to be jailed for his scientific findings.

Germar Rudolf Deported: Will Face Prison in Germany

Former Max Planck scientist Germar Rudolf was deported from the United States today after the Roberts Supreme Court turned down his last appeal, signaling that America is no longer a refuge for the persecuted.

Of all the scientists who have scrutinized the Auschwitz gas chamber yarn, Rudolf was the most meticulous and dispassionate. His deportation to face a prison sentence in the German-Israeli banana republic is a tragedy.

Czech Police Seek "Holocaust Denier"

Here is more Orwellian news about the hunt throughout the West for revisionist thought criminals. This is what we are fighting the Arabs for? For the right to continue to hound and jail dissident intellectuals who blaspheme the sacred Auschwitz relics?

Prague Daily Monitor (Czechoslovakia)

November 11, 2005

(PDM staff with CTK) 11 November - The Education Ministry will file a lawsuit against the distributor of a brochure denying the Holocaust, which appeared under the title "Auschwitz - Facts versus Fiction"

Show Trial of Publisher Ernst Zundel Begins in Germany

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Like a figure in a Kafka novel, Ernst Zundel is the man who is perpetually on trial (since 1983, when his right to send mail in Canada was voided), by a Euro-Canadian-American System that is the enforcement arm of the religion of Judaism. The latest manifestation, on the eve of the anniversaries of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and Kristallnacht in 1938, is a blasphemy trial in Mannheim, Germany, a nation now controlled by the Zionists, for the "crime" of blaspheming the "Shoah" (holohoax).


More Information on the Case of the German Scientist Jailed in the US for Issuing Scientific Reports Skeptical of "Gas Chamber" Extermination at Auschwitz

Hoffman's Note: What little attention the establishment media will give to this scandalous arrest of former Max Planck chemist Germar Scherrer ("Germar Rudolf") will be filed under the heading of "incitement to racial hatred." The media will not state the truth about this case: that Germar is being jailed solely because he has offended the New Inquisition by calling into question the legends and lies of official World War II history. Germar's "crime" is a thought crime; a kind of blaphemy. He is a competent and honest scientist who chemically analyzed Auschwitz's purported execution gas chambers and found that no one was killed there.

"If you don't kill the book, you'll be killed"

Hasidim fill Haifa author's home with mice over book on forbidden love

By Asaf Carmel | Haaretz (Israeli newspaper) October 20, 2005

Ultra-Orthodox extremists have been harassing a Haifa author ever since he wrote a romance novel revolving around an affair between religious and secular protagonists. This is the story of a boiler installer from Haifa who dedicated five years of his life to researching the extremist Toldot Aharon Hasidic sect, and ended up writing a romance novel.


Thursday, January 10, 2013
How parasitic thieves gain wealth and power through usury
Here is but one instance of the usury by which immense wealth ($654 million) is gained by parasitic thieves who manipulate the economy for their benefit. These shylocks do not farm, manufacture or produce anything, yet they reap immense profits. Through the power and respectability their money exerts, they control our world.


Monday, January 07, 2013
YouTube: Michael Hoffman Talks About Usury

Historian Michael Hoffman gives a talk in a private home concerning the thesis of his new book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.


Welcome to the World's First Online Holocaust Museum

Founded in 1996
The Israeli Holocaust Against the Arab and Muslim People

Volume I: 1996 to July, 2006


White Slaves



Don Heddesheimer
Theses & Dissertations Press
PO Box 257768, Chicago, Illinois 60625
October 2003

*** BEWARE ALL HELP AND THIRTH WORLD HELP CAMPAGNES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME CRIME > MORE than 1,2 TRILLION (1200 BILLION/MILJARD) is payed toward afrika AND STIL wooden sheds and starvations and Poorness.


Wylvien on youtube

How wonderful, back then we hade genocidal nazist determined to wipe out large swathes of the white race. And today we have multicultural anti-white nazists determined to wipe out the whole white race.

Google : "white american minority 2042" -US census bureau.

Google : "Ethnic british minority 2066" -Telegrap.

Google : "london white minority 2012" -Telegrap.

etc etc.


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